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TV Animation -Detective Arki-

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Detective Arki -Little wacky acorns' adventure

Detective Arki
Comic, Adventure
TV 11min x 52 Epi.
5~8 year olds

Little wacky acorns' adventure on the island filled with trash
This extremely energetic animation called 'Detective Arki' is targeted for viewers aged 5 to 8. The story takes place on a tiny remote island called 'Tara' In the midst of much contamination and trash, one tree miraculously survives. 'Detective Arki' includes fun-filled stories about the tiny acorns on the teeny-weeny island.

Purpose of the show
This is and animation about our surrounding environment and recycling issues. However, instead of weighing down on such heavy topics, The animation takes viewers to different situations where they witness things for themselves and gain interest in finding out more about environmental issues. The purpose of the show is to increase awareness and understanding of environmental issues for children in a very fun way.